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Carlson Dental Group Blog

Come See Why Carlson Dental Group Was Voted Best Dentist Office In Jacksonville

December 16, 2019

The Carlson Dental Group was voted best among Jacksonville dentist offices for a combination of reasons. With two convenient office locations and a practice that boasts highly trained, and experienced care providers, they are uniquely positioned to provide a range of services for the whole family. Read on to find out what sets Carlson Dental Group apart from other dental practices in the region.


How a Cosmetic Dentist in Jacksonville Can Improve Your Smile

December 9, 2019

Are you looking for a cosmetic dentist in Jacksonville? Then consider making an appointment with Dr. Richard Carlson and his team at Carlson Dental Group. Dr. Carlson utilizes the latest advances in cosmetic dentistry to improve your oral health.


Jacksonville Dental Implants vs. Dental Bridges – Which is Right for You?

November 27, 2019

If you have one or more teeth that have been removed, either as a result of decay or an injury, then you may be looking to find a replacement option to fill your smile back in. Two common options for dental repair are bridges and dental implants in Jacksonville. Both bridges and implants provide you with false teeth that look great and help you smile with confidence and chew without discomfort, but how do you choose? This guide will tell you everything you need to know to find the best option for you.


What You Need to Know About Dental Care While Pregnant – Jacksonville Dental Office

November 20, 2019

Pregnancy can have effects on the mother’s body that extend well beyond the baby developing in their stomach. One area affected by becoming pregnant is your oral health. Hormonal changes can increase your exposure to gum disease so it is important to maintain regular dental health habits throughout pregnancy, however, some dental procedures should be avoided. Before you schedule your next visit to a Jacksonville dental office, here’s what you need to know about dental health while pregnant.


All About Getting Veneers – Jacksonville Veneers

November 13, 2019

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If you have a broken or otherwise damaged tooth, your dentist may suggest getting veneers. With veneers, you can return the front of your teeth to a like-new appearance, so that your smile is the bright and cheerful one you are used to. If you’re considering getting veneers in Jacksonville, here is what you need to know.


What Makes Invisalign Different From Traditional Braces?

November 6, 2019

If a dentist has recommended that you get braces to adjust your teeth, you may want to consider Jacksonville Invisalign braces. There are a few traits that can set Invisalign apart from traditional braces, and you may find they are the better option for your needs. Here’s a quick overview of what can makes Invisalign a good choice.


Prevent Gum Disease With Routine Dental Cleanings – Jacksonville General Dentist

October 30, 2019

Did you know routine dental cleanings can potentially prevent gum disease and other common oral health issues? Even though it may seem unnecessary to visit your Jacksonville general dentist twice a year for cleanings, it’s important to not underestimate the importance of these visits. Here’s how your twice-per-year appointments can help you achieve and maintain better oral health.


What To Expect From Your Jacksonville Invisalign Treatment

October 23, 2019

Invisalign is a popular treatment for straightening teeth—especially among adults and teenagers. The virtually undetectable plastic aligners are not only discreet, but comfortable as well. If you have decided to receive Jacksonville Invisalign treatment, here’s what you should expect.


4 Signs You Need a Root Canal – Jacksonville Emergency Dentist

October 16, 2019

For many people, the thought of needing a root canal is scary. However, it’s important to remember that a Jacksonville emergency dentist thoroughly numbs the area before beginning treatment. In fact, the pain you experience prior to your root canal is probably much greater than anything you’ll experience during or after treatment. Here are four signs you may need to schedule your root canal appointment today.


Understanding TMJ and Your Treatment Options in Jacksonville

October 9, 2019

Temporomandibular joint syndrome is a very common condition that affects more than 3,000,000 Americans each year. Your temporomandibular joint is located in front of your ear, at the base of your skull. It is the joint that attaches the upper jaw to the lower jaw. Muscles and ligaments surround the TMJ and aid in lower jaw movement. Unfortunately, this joint is often exposed to excessive stress that can put pressure on the joint and surrounding structures and cause discomfort. When this happens, it is referred to as temporomandibular joint disorder. Here’s what you should know about TMD symptoms and TMJ treatment in Jacksonville.


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