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5 Facts You Should Know Before Getting Veneers

November 10, 2023

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If you are ready to embark on a journey to enhance your smile with cosmetic dentistry, you should consider porcelain veneers. These thin shells, made from dental-grade porcelain, cover the front of your teeth, hiding imperfections and boosting your smile’s appearance. While veneers are popular, it’s important to understand the process. Read on to explore five interesting facts about veneers to shed light on this transformative dental procedure and its ability to give your smile a fresh and appealing look.

Fact #1: Veneers Can Address a Range of Issues

As previously mentioned, porcelain veneers are a reliable solution for tackling different dental imperfections. They excel in fixing common cosmetic problems like slight alignment issues, chipped or cracked teeth, gaps, misshapen teeth, and dental discoloration. Whether you need just one veneer or a whole set, this flexible treatment provides a quick and transformative solution to improve your smile.

Fact #2: Veneers Are Permanent

During the veneers procedure, a small amount of tooth enamel is carefully removed to improve adherence to your teeth and achieve a seamless blend with your overall smile. Since enamel doesn’t grow back, these changes to your teeth are permanent. It’s essential to be fully prepared and committed to the treatment before moving forward.

Fact #3: The Process Can Be Completed in 2 Visits

The veneering process is conveniently completed in two visits to your dentist. Initially, after preparing your teeth, your dentist will take impressions to facilitate the creation of your veneers by a reputable dental lab.

During this period, provisional veneers will be provided to protect your teeth while waiting for the permanent ones. This interim phase not only allows you to get used to the veneers but also offers an opportunity to identify any adjustments needed for the permanent veneers.

Once the final veneers are received from the dental lab, your dentist will schedule a follow-up appointment. During this visit, they will seamlessly complete and enhance your smile by attaching the new permanent veneers to your teeth. This second visit marks the culmination of the veneer process, resulting in a transformed and aesthetically pleasing smile.

Fact #4: Dental Veneers Are Customized to Fit Your Needs

Porcelain veneers are uniquely designed, tailored to precisely fit your teeth and deliver a beautiful, authentic smile. Your dentist will customize the color to match the shade of your existing teeth, ensuring that your veneer-enhanced teeth seamlessly blend with the natural ones.

This meticulous customization creates a harmonious and lifelike appearance. This ensures that your new smile looks both natural and aesthetically pleasing.

Fact #5: You Need to Take Good Care of Your Veneers

When well-maintained, conventional porcelain veneers generally endure for a span of 10 to 15 years. To optimize their longevity, steer clear of consuming hard, tough, or sticky foods that may cause damage.

Uphold excellent oral hygiene practices by brushing your teeth for two minutes, twice daily, engaging in nightly flossing, and attending regular dental checkups every six months. These measures contribute significantly to preserving the integrity and durability of your porcelain veneers over time.

About the Practice

If you’re in Jacksonville or nearby, trust your smile to the expert team at Carlson Dental Group—Drs. Khoi Le, Edward Murray, and Richard Carlson. Specializing in top-notch porcelain veneers, they skillfully address issues like cracks, gaps, and discoloration. The team also provides crucial information about porcelain veneers to guide your decision-making. To schedule with Dr. Le, Dr. Murray, or Dr. Carlson or for more on porcelain veneers, contact (904) 262-8449 for their Riverside office, (904) 262-8409 for Bartram Park, or visit their website.

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