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Invisalign – Jacksonville, FL

A More Subtle Way to Straighten Your Smile

The idea of wearing traditional metal braces may cause you to rethink your desire for a straighter smile, but what if there was an alternative solution that offered a more discreet way to achieve a healthier, more beautiful aesthetic? Dr. Richard Carlson and his team at Carlson Advanced Dentistry & Facial Esthetics are pleased to offer Invisalign. Using clear, plastic aligners customized to fit your smile comfortably, you can spend less time focused on your braces and instead, enjoy the subtle process that will have you seeing results in 12-18 months! If you’re ready to say yes to a fully transformed smile, contact us today!

Why Choose Dr. Richard Carlson for Invisalign?

  • Advanced, Modern Technology Available
  • Increased Patient Comfort using SmartTrack Material
  • Highly-qualified and Trained Dental Professionals
A young woman with blonde hair preparing to begin Invisalign in Jacksonville

How Invisalign Straightens Teeth

A digital image of an Invisalign aligner going on over the lower arch of teeth

Invisalign clear braces are made using what is known as SmartTrack material. Created by Align Technologies, these clear, plastic aligners are custom-created to fit comfortably in your mouth and gently apply continuous pressure to keep your teeth shifting in the right direction. Depending on the severity of your initial case, you will receive a designated number of sets, which you will wear throughout treatment.

Invisalign is an extremely versatile orthodontic solution that can address issues of overcrowding, gapped teeth, and even misaligned bites (i.e. underbite, overbite, crossbite, open bite). Their transparent look allows for increased subtly, allowing you to go on about your day without anyone noticing them! You can enjoy treatment with Invisalign without compromising your daily appearance.

How Long Does Invisalign Take?

A young female with bangs inserting an Invisalign clear aligner into her mouth

On average, most patients see results in 12-18 months; however, this can vary from patient to patient. This is what makes Invisalign such an appealing option to self-conscious teenagers and adults. Unlike traditional metal braces that require you to undergo treatment for 2-3 years, you’ll achieve a healthier smile in less time with Invisalign.

While you will be required to wear your trays for at least 20-22 hours each day, you can remove them to eat, drink, and clean them. You will also be expected to keep regular dental appointments with our team to ensure everything is moving along smoothly.

Benefits of Invisalign Clear Braces

An up-close look at a person’s smile that has been straightened using Invisalign

When it comes to choosing Invisalign, you may be comparing the pros and cons of it and other orthodontic solutions. However, it is difficult to overlook the number of benefits that come with choosing this unique method of treatment, such as:

  • Subtly and Discreetness: The trays are made of a clear, plastic material, allowing them to remain undetectable to others.
  • Faster Results: You can be finished with Invisalign in as little a 12-18 months.
  • Flexibility: Unlike traditional braces that are affixed to your teeth and cannot be removed, you can take out your Invisalign trays when eating and drinking (anything but water) and enjoy all the foods you love.
  • Increased Comfort: With Invisalign, there are no metal brackets or wires that rub against your soft oral tissues. Instead, you will be wearing a smooth material that fits securing against your teeth, allowing for a more comfortable treatment.

Am I a Candidate for Invisalign?

A young female holding an Invisalign clear aligner in preparation for reinserting it into her mouth

Knowing whether you are eligible for Invisalign is ultimately up to our team of qualified professionals. During your initial consultation, we will examine your smile and determine if your orthodontic problem can be easily treated with Invisalign clear aligners. Should you show signs of overcrowding, spaces between teeth, crooked teeth, or have a mild bite alignment issue, you will likely be recommended for Invisalign treatment.