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The Unexpected Upsides of Sedation Dentistry

July 26, 2023

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A woman receiving sedation dentistry

You might think dental sedation is pointless if you aren’t anxious about dentists. Isn’t the option’s only perk its ability to keep you calm? However, the reality is quite different – several benefits of sedation dentistry exist. When taken together, these unexpected upsides make dental sedatives very rewarding. Your local Jacksonville dentist can even prove this claim with evidence. To that end, here are four advantages to receiving dental sedation from your local dental provider.

Speedier Treatment

Even without dental anxiety, you might get squirmy in the dentist’s chair. Maybe you feel restless and need to move your limbs or turn your head. Such things are understandable, but they extend your treatment time. A dentist can’t work quickly or efficiently if you aren’t still.

Fortunately, sedation dentistry can come to the rescue. It’d leave you calm and relaxed enough that you don’t move around much. From there, the dentist can work without pause and finish their procedures sooner.

Less Oral Pain

While most dentistry is painless, some procedures can cause aches. A dentist might poke the wrong spot and trigger tooth or gum soreness. As a result, treatment may become uncomfortable and hard to endure.

Even so, you can trust sedation for some relief. Potent dental sedatives stop the brain from registering pain. Once that’s done, you’re far more likely to have a smooth and comfy dental visit.

A Reduced Gag Reflex

If you don’t already know, the gag reflex serves a helpful purpose. It acts to prevent a person from choking or swallowing something dangerous. That said, an overly sensitive interferes with dental work. It obstructs your dentist’s view and keeps them away from the treatment site.

Sedation dentistry, though, solves this problem. It paralyzes your gag reflex throughout the treatment process. Therefore, your throat won’t interfere with crucial dental work.

The Amnesia Effect

Naturally, most people dislike the idea of amnesia. Who *wants* to feel confused by a gap in their memories? As such, it’s hard to imagine a situation where memory loss is actually useful.

All that said, sedation dentistry can cause temporary amnesia – a condition that has an advantage in dental work. Namely, a period of memory loss may prevent dental phobias from accumulating. That way, you’d exit treatment without feeling frightened by the experience.

Ultimately, the benefits of sedation dentistry don’t stop at relaxation. They also include advantages like those above! Therefore, give serious thought to trying sedation at your next appointment.

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