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Can You Get Cavities While Wearing Veneers?

April 6, 2023

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 A woman showing her veneered teeth

Once you get veneers, you might think your teeth are safe from cavities. After all, won’t the shells protect your pearly whites from decay? The simple truth, however, is that even veneered teeth can suffer cavities. Maintaining your veneers is thus an essential practice. Luckily enough, your Jacksonville dentist can help you out. Read on, then, to learn how veneered teeth might get cavities and how to care for them properly.

Veneered Teeth Can Suffer Decay

Naturally, veneers themselves never get cavities. They’re made of artificial porcelain instead of enamel. Unfortunately, the teeth beneath them still can.

You see, a veneer can’t stop a tooth from decaying. While it might cover the chomper’s front surface, the shell leaves the remaining area exposed to bacteria. Worse yet, a poorly-placed veneer can let germs sneak beneath itself. The result is that the veneered tooth may yet get a cavity.

If a cavity forms underneath a veneer, it could ruin your treatment. The dentist, after all, would have to remove the shell to fix your tooth. You’d then need a new veneer.

Tips on Veneer Maintenance

Of course, you can always keep veneered teeth from getting cavities. You just need to care for the veneers placed on them. That way, your transformed grin would last a great deal longer! Consider, then, the tips listed below:

  • Maintain Great Oral Hygiene: Remember to brush your teeth twice daily, floss once daily, and rinse with mouthwash often. Doing so removes the bacteria and plaque that cause cavities. (However, avoid abrasive toothpaste – it can scratch veneer surfaces.)
  • Get Regular Checkups: See your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings. By doing so, they’ll treat your teeth before cavities can threaten your veneers.
  • Break Bad Oral Habits: Both veneers and their teeth can chip if you aren’t careful. In that case, you might suffer a cavity or tooth infection. Therefore, avoid bad habits like teeth grinding, ice-chewing, etc.
  • Try a Mouthguard: Veneers can get damaged from injuries and other trauma. So, consider wearing a mouthguard for sports and a nightguard for sleep. These tools will protect your smile from external forces and bruxism.

In the end, maintaining your veneers can prevent cavities. So, remember the care tips above to ensure your gorgeous grin endures!

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