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Jacksonville Root Canal Dentist – Causes of Root Canals and How to Avoid Them

February 3, 2020

One of the phrases people are most afraid to hear from a dentist is “root canal”, a term associated with painful and invasive dental work. Despite common perceptions, though, root canals are less drastic than they may seem. Still, the need for a root canal can be avoided entirely with proper tooth care, and understanding what leads to a root canal helps with that prevention, or with preparing to visit a root canal dentist in Jacksonville.

What is a Root Canal?

Your teeth contain living tissue, called pulp, supported by blood vessels and nerves; the pulp is what builds enamel during dental development. Damage to the pulp can cause toothaches that make biting and chewing difficult. A root canal treatment involves removing infected or inflamed pulp, disinfecting the rest of the tooth’s interior and filling the tooth to seal it again. This restores normal tooth function and cures pain, and the removed pulp doesn’t affect tooth health. The procedure can be done under anesthesia in one or two visits.

Avoiding Root Canals

Enamel damage – caused by tooth decay, gradual wear, chipping or cracking – can expose the pulp, letting it get infected and inflamed. Good dental habits can prevent this from happening, such as:

• Regular brushing and flossing,
• Limit acidic food and drinks,
• Avoid crunching on lollipops, ice or other hard foods,
• Wear a mouth guard during sports or, if you’re prone to grinding, at night.

Early on, a cracked tooth or toothache can be treated without needing a root canal, so if you notice such pain, try to get it checked out ASAP.

If You Need a Root Canal…

When pulp inflammation sets in, don’t put off an appointment with a Jacksonville root canal dentist. If unchecked, it could lead to losing the entire tooth, damaging other teeth or even an infection spreading to other parts of your body via blood vessels.

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