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Common Fears and Methods for Coping When You Need a Dental Procedure – Sedation Dentist in Jacksonville

January 6, 2020

If a regular dental visit makes you nervous, you’re not the only one. Even though checkups are so important to keeping teeth happy, healthy and shiny, many Americans dread going to the dentist. What can you do if you feel stressed? One solution is to schedule an appointment with a sedation dentist in Jacksonville.

Try To Discover What Your Personal Phobia Is

The first step to dealing with dental anxiety is to understand what exactly is causing your fears. There’s usually one or more specific things about the dentist’s office that people dislike. Here are a few common dental phobias:

• Pain
• High-pitched noises
• Needles and injections
• Anesthesia and numbness
• Helplessness

Some patients don’t like having to recline in a chair or have strangers standing over them. Identifying your personal fears is important because there are definite solutions a sedation dentist can provide.

Learn More About High-Tech Dental Advancements

It’s important to know that modern technology has made checkups more patient-friendly. From laser beams that eliminate the need for drills to sedation dentistry for people afraid of needles, high-tech equipment makes it possible to work around your anxieties. These days, most dental procedures are virtually painless.

Talk With the Dentist About Your Fears

The next step in reducing your anxiety is to be honest with your dentist about your fears. Professional dentists are trained to treat you with respect and care. If you mention that you’re afraid of being helpless, they can provide alternative treatment options that help you to feel in control. For example, you can agree on a signal that tells the dentist to stop immediately.

Contact a Trusted Jacksonville Sedation Dentist

Sedation dentists are certified in using medication to help patients relax. You can decide how much sedation you prefer, from a gentle feeling of calm to general anesthesia. If you have sensitive teeth, a low pain threshold, significant gag reflex or feelings of panic, then sedation dentistry may be an ideal solution. To learn more, contact Carlson Dental at (904) 586-4768 to schedule an appointment at one of our convenient locations: Bartram Park or Riverside.

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