What To Expect From Your Jacksonville Invisalign Treatment

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Invisalign is a popular treatment for straightening teeth—especially among adults and teenagers. The virtually undetectable plastic aligners are not only discreet, but comfortable as well. If you have decided to receive Jacksonville Invisalign treatment, here’s what you should expect.

First Appointment

During your first appointment for Invisalign treatment in Jacksonville, you’ll receive a consultation. As part of the initial visit, your dentist will examine your mouth and teeth and determine if the treatment is a good fit for your needs. Invisalign is very effective at treating problems such as crowding, underbites, gaps and other common dental issues. However, it’s not the right solution for every case. If you are a good candidate, your dentist will develop a treatment plan for you.

Your First Aligners

When you receive Jacksonville Invisalign treatment, you don’t wear one set of aligners for the entire treatment period. Instead, you receive a new set of aligners every two to three weeks. Each set is designed to slowly move your teeth closer to where they should be in your mouth. When you receive a new set of aligners, they will be a bit uncomfortable to wear at first. But as your teeth adjust, the discomfort will slowly go away.

Your Last Appointment

At your last appointment, you’ll receive one or more retainers that should be worn consistently in the months following treatment. The retainers will prevent your teeth from slowly shifting back to the positions they were in prior to treatment. For best results, follow your dentist’s instructions regarding your retainers very carefully.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign offers a variety of benefits other orthodontic treatments don’t offer, including:

• Comfort
• Convenience
• Greater control over oral hygiene
• Discreet appearance
• Shorter treatment times (in some cases)

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