“The best experience I have had in a dentist office and I am 75 years young and have been to many dentists.”

“The laser procedure was painless. I was really nervous and had an expectation of pain and discomfort following the procedure. The next day – no pain – no discomfort…amazing!”

“I recently had my first dental implant performed by Dr. Carlson and his staff and I am extremely pleased with the procedure and the result.”

“Good work, fair price, friendly staff, will come back!”

“Thanks – Thanks – Thanks to Dr. Carlson and all the staff. I’m very happy with all the work I’ve had done. Some have been a real challenge but all successfully done. You have and exceptionally great staff.”

“The Carlson Dental Group provided an excellent experience throughout my entire Invisalign process. To begin, Dr. Carlson and the staff walked me through the process with realistic expectations and timelines I should expect. Every appointment along the way was timely and efficient and I received an update on the alignment of my teeth. When I was finished with the process I couldn’t have been happier with the results! My teeth are straight and my confidence is much greater with my new smile! I would recommend anyone to see Dr. Carlson if they were interested in Invisalign.”

“Dr. Carlson, I want to thank you and your staff for the emergency dental work on my tooth. You were wonderful to get me an appointment on such a short notice and were the main reason I enjoyed the rest of my vacation. Someday I hope to repay your generosity. Thanks again.”