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Your smile tells a lot of stories, but stained teeth can hinder your self-expression, esteem and confidence. Jacksonville laser teeth whitening services can help to restore your beautiful smile. Knowing what stains your teeth and how to prevent it are essential to keeping your teeth looking great.

Food and Drink

Coffee, tea and red wine are the most common teeth-staining culprits, but don’t overlook other food and drink. Sodas and sports drinks have a lot of teeth-softening acid and sugar. Grapes, pomegranates, berries and beets contain natural deep red or purple pigments. Other causes include dark balsamic vinegar, tomato sauce and soy sauce.

Tobacco Use

Using tobacco doesn’t just increase your cancer risk. Nicotine contains teeth-staining particles that adhere to your teeth’s enamel. As your Jacksonville laser teeth whitening dentist will tell you, they eventually turn yellow or brown from nicotine use, depositing many layers of these particles.


Tetracycline antibiotics can discolor teeth, but this usually only happens in those under age 10. Other culprits include antihistamines, blood pressure drugs, antipsychotic meds and some prescription mouth rinses.

The Aging Process

Aging can bring wisdom, but it can also increase your risk for stained teeth. The outer enamel layer slowly wears away throughout the years, leaving the yellow-hued dentin underneath.

Protecting Your Beautiful Smile

Fighting teeth stains can be a tough battle. Fortunately, you can prevent them following some a few steps:

• Brush and floss after each time you consume a tooth-staining food or drink.
• Drink plenty of water to keep staining substances from sticking to your teeth.
• Use straws with cold beverages such as iced coffee, tea or soda.
• Eating crunchy fruits and vegetables can combat stains.
• Quit tobacco use to avoid more nicotine buildup.

Your Jacksonville Laser Teeth Whitening Solution

Don’t let stained teeth hold you back from being your best self. Carlson Dental Group offers in-office laser teeth whitening in Jacksonville, available in convenient 20-minute treatments. Schedule your appointment today – call the Bartram Park office at (904) 262-8409 or phone our Riverside office at (904) 262-8449.