Carlson Dental Group: Where Science Meets State-of-the-Art

Carlson Dental Group is on the cutting edge of modern dentistry. We offer the most advanced technology and the latest techniques available today; less than one percent of all dental practices in the U.S. have all of the services we offer under one roof. By utilizing the latest technology and techniques, we not only make your visits shorter and more comfortable, but also improve your results. Some of the latest dental technologies we utilize include:

Dental Lasers

We are proud to have the WaterLase™ MD and WaterLase iPlus dental lasers in our facility. The WaterLase system is one of the most advanced instruments in dentistry today. It is extremely precise and much less invasive than other methods, allowing us to deliver treatment that is more comfortable and takes less time. For many of the procedures, patients do not require any anesthesia at all – that means no needles and no lingering numbness afterward. Whether you require gum surgery or a filling, we can do it all.

Intra-Oral Cameras

Using this device, we are able to capture detailed, close-up images of your teeth. You are then able to view your actual tooth (including any existing fillings, cracks, decay, etc.) on the chair-side HDTV monitor, which allows you to effectively discuss your condition with your doctor.

Digital X-Rays

For your health and benefit, our practice utilizes state-of-the-art computerized dental imaging. Instead of using conventional dental film, we utilize small silicone sensors. These sensors are placed in your mouth to capture images that are immediately displayed on HDTV monitors conveniently located in every treatment room. This allows the doctor to diagnose, discuss and plan your treatment more quickly. Our system results in 90% less radiation exposure to you.

Our panoramic x-ray unit allows us to visualize your whole mouth (and most of the head & neck region) allowing us to easily count tooth-buds (children)and locate your impacted wisdom teeth, as well as diagnose the presence of disease, or any departure or deviation from a normal condition.

These computed, digital dental images are stored in our secure computer server and become part of your permanent dental record. Hard copies may be printed and sent to other dentists, as well as insurance companies.

Digital Crown Impressions

A digital scanner, instead of the typical sticky impression material, is used to scan the tooth when preparing it for a crown. The digital image is sent to a machine, which creates the model from which the crown is fabricated. Using this method, we are able to achieve more accurate, better fitting and precise crowns, which reduces the chance of a remake and provides longer-lasting results. Less than five percent of all dentists offer this dental service.

3-Dimensional CT Scanner

Carlson Dental Group is proud to have the very latest technology for high definition (HD) 3D imaging right here in our office. With this new, 3D imaging technique we can capture detailed images of the jaw, sinuses, and teeth, as well as view and measure—to pinpoint accuracy—any area of the head and neck. We routinely use the 3D scanner to establish whether you have enough bone for dental implants, to locate all of the canals in your tooth prior to a root canal procedure, or to visualize abnormalities and diseases that are usually undetectable on conventional radiographs. In addition, the 3D CT scanner allows us to avoid any vital structures, such as nerves and vessels, during our procedures. In a nutshell, it enhances our ability to see what we need to see before we perform any surgeries, orthodontics or reconstruction.


A T-Scan is a computerized bite analysis that enables us to “fine tune” your bite (the way your teeth fit together) to enable your teeth to function in harmony and eliminate excessive, damaging wear. It is comparable to balancing the tires on your car.

The WAND System

The WAND System is the first recognized advancement in anesthetic injections since the invention of the syringe. This is a computer-controlled device that reduces operator strain, creating new injection techniques, enhancing site-specific injections, and, in many cases, eliminating numbness of face and lips while delivering a more predictable, rapid onset of anesthesia using less anesthetic. Perhaps the most pleasant reward for our patients is the Wand’s ability to deliver a virtually pain-free injection, reducing patient fear and anxiety in the chair. Most pain associated with an injection is caused by the flow of anesthetic injected too quickly, which creates a burning sensation. The WAND’s computer-controlled ability to automatically deliver local anesthetic solution at precise pressure results in a controlled, highly effective, and virtually pain-free, comfortable injection.

Infection Control

At Carlson Dental Group, infection control is a serious topic. Many dental practices will show you a sterilizer, but we have a state-of-the-art Sterilization Center. We meet or exceed universal precautions as recommended by the American Dental Association and OSHA. Our instruments are autoclaved (high-pressure steam sterilized) just like the systems found in hospitals. We wear gloves, masks and protective eyewear for our protection, as well as our patients.

Digital Patient Records

Carlson Dental Group is dedicated to embracing all of the practical technologies and solutions available to enhance your experience and care. All of your health information, images and photographs are managed within our chartless office software, making them accessible and available anywhere in the office. This means faster service, and it also eliminates the waste and potential mistakes inherent in shuffling paperwork.

To this end, we offer the following:

  • Electronic (paperless) patient charts and records
  • Electronic submission of insurance claims
  • Electronic appointment reminders via email and text message

Protecting your personal information is a matter we take seriously…

  • We RECYCLE all shredded material
  • We are HIPPA and FACTA compliant
  • We utilize the latest in mobile shredding technology
  • We employ a licensed and bonded document destruction company
  • We adhere to both industry standards and government regulations
  • We promise to NEVER share or sell your email, phone or any other personal information

Digital Photography

For effective, efficient, and accurate client, doctor, and laboratory communication.


A Cavitron is a dental tool that uses high frequency sound waves to quickly and efficiently clean teeth more effectively than by using hand instruments alone. The Cavitron ultrasonic cleaner is a high-tech instrument that has proven to be an extremely successful tool in removing tartar from both above and below the gum line. Our hygienists use this tool to provide you with a comprehensive cleaning during your regular hygiene visits.

Nobel Guide ®

Digitally generated surgical guides for the most precise and minimally invasive implant procedures.

ClinCheck ®

Three-dimensional (3D) analysis software for treatment planning, so you can visualize your end results with your Invisalign® treatment.

HDTV Overhead Patient Monitors

For seeing your x-rays and for watching cable TV, movies, etc.