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Botox ® at the Dentist’s Office? Yes!

Carlson Dental Group is pleased to offer Botox ® and Dermal Filler treatments as an additional service at our practice. It’s a natural progression in our commitment to providing outstanding dental care and helping our patients look their best.

Your Dentist is the Perfect Person to Give You Botox®

Botox ® and other dermal fillers are typically used to smooth away wrinkles in certain facial areas by relaxing the muscles that cause deep expression lines, but it is not limited to cosmetic treatment alone. Botox ® is FDA-approved for the temporary relief of migraine and tension headaches, and may also be used to treat functional or esthetic dental conditions, such as TMJ, bruxism, radial lip lines and high lip lines.

It may seem unusual to receive Botox ® at your dentist’s office, but we are specially trained to understand the musculoskeletal structure of the entire face, not just the mouth. That’s why it makes sense to let us administer this treatment during your dental visit. Still not convinced? Consider these other reasons why it makes sense to go to your dentist for dermal filler procedures.

We’re Experienced with Giving Injections

Our dentists have extensive experience injecting needles into sensitive facial areas, especially around the mouth, but they also understand how to treat other delicate areas, such as the forehead. Unlike most medical spas, where an assistant or other staff member may administer the injections, only licensed dental practitioners at the Carlson Dental Group will be administering Botox ® treatments to our patients.

We Can Administer Anesthesia

We are experts in administering anesthesia for various dental procedures; that’s why choosing Carlson Dental Group for Botox ® treatments make perfect sense. We are familiar with providing anesthesia to numb the pain and can make you completely comfortable during your visit.

We’re Familiar with Your Medical History

We know you. We’re not only familiar with your dental history, but also know about other important health issues, such as allergies and your medications. This makes us ideally suited to offer dermal fillers, such as Botox ®, since we can offer our professional opinion on procedures and answer any questions specific to your needs.

Botox ® Side Effects

You may experience mild side effects from Botox ®, such as redness and soreness in the injection site. Any discomfort should subside within a few hours. Our goal, as always, is to make you feel as comfortable as possible while you are in our care.

Add Botox ® to Your Next Appointment

If you are interested in learning more about the Botox ® services offered at the Carlson Dental Group, please contact us and request a free consultation. We will evaluate your needs and recommend the best treatment for you. In many cases, we may be able to provide Botox ® treatment on the same visit.

The Benefits of Choosing a Dental Practitioner for your Facial Esthetics:

  • Ability to offer treatments in a completely painless manner
  • More training and knowledge of oral and oral-facial areas than any other health care professional
  • Comprehensive knowledge of facial muscle expression dynamics
  • Most experienced practitioner for giving intra-oral injections
  • Consideration of dental proportions before augmentation for ideal results
  • Trained and accredited to augment with Botox and Juvederm with the latest techniques
  • Can offer convenient cosmetic treatments during routine dental visits
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