How To Get the Most Out of Your Dentures

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If you have a few missing teeth, you are probably considering finding a dentist who can help you with Jacksonville dentures. A good pair of dentures can help you restore functionality and confidence. Not only will speaking and chewing be easier to do, but you’ll be more likely to smile as well. However, wearing dentures can take some getting sued to. Use these tips to help you through the adjustment period.

Remember to Take Them Out

You might be tempted to wear your dentures 24 hours a day in order to get used to them, but that can do more damage. Dentures lay on your gums when you wear them, which means they can rub often and may cause sores if you wear them for too long. Taking them out in the evening gives your gums time to breathe and repair themselves. This prevents sores and keeps your gums from drying out.

Clean Them Properly

Just like natural teeth, Jacksonville dentures require frequent and proper cleaning. They can get food particles stuck in them and have plaque buildup just like natural teeth. Clean your dentures at least once per day according to your dentist’s instructions. This typically includes water and a denture cleaning solution. When washing dentures, use cold or lukewarm water. Water that is too hot doesn’t sterilize them any more easily and can even warp them and cause them not to fit as well.

Have Regular Checkups

Regular checkups with your dentist ensure you don’t leave a denture problem left unattended for too long. Your dentist can determine if your dentures still fit properly or need adjustment, give them a professional-grade cleaning to ensure they stay pearly white, and make other recommendations to help you maintain your oral health.

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