Dealing With Dental Anxiety – Consider Jacksonville Sedation Dentistry

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Have you ever felt anxious or afraid of routine dental procedures? Does this fear and anxiety prevent you from going to the dentist altogether? Have no fear and calm your nerves, with sedation dentistry in Jacksonville fear and anxiety are completely taken out of the equation.Many people are afraid of dental procedures regardless of the circumstance. Even though they are now very safe and routine for dentists, they can still cause anxiety from all of the “what if’s” going on in someone’s head. It is okay to be afraid and a little anxious but when it prevents you from getting your teeth worked on by a dentist there is always another option. Here at The Carlson Group, we practice sedation dentistry. We sedate you for two to six hours and you won’t have any fear, anxiety or pain as a result of the procedure.All you have to do is take the sedation pill an hour before your appointment time and have someone to drive you to and from your procedure. As an alternative, gas is also an option. The procedure no longer has to be a scary appointment, but instead a place where dental care is a relaxing place for patients to go to.

Many ask if sedation dentistry is safe; our answer will always be, “yes”. We have performed hundreds of sedation dentistry procedures under our roof alone! Not only does the sedation keep patients from experiencing pain, but you also won’t remember a thing from your appointment. Now all the patient has to do is wake up in the morning to go to the dental appointment, and that’s it!

Sedation dentistry is the newest and safest way to practice dental procedures while allowing the patients to feel relieved from their fear and anxiety. Why not try sedation dentistry in Jacksonville? Call and speak to one of our experienced team members today! Call (904) 586-4768 to schedule an appointment at one of our convenient locations – Riverside or Bartram Park. We look forward to hearing from you!