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For many people, the thought of needing a root canal is scary. However, it’s important to remember that a Jacksonville emergency dentist thoroughly numbs the area before beginning treatment. In fact, the pain you experience prior to your root canal is probably much greater than anything you’ll experience during or after treatment. Here are four signs you may need to schedule your root canal appointment today.

1. Severe Toothache

If you have a severe, persistent toothache that flares up when you chew or eat cold or hot foods, you probably need to schedule a root canal. Many people describe the pain of infected pulp as sharp and debilitating.

2. Tooth Discoloration

As the pulp and nerves of a tooth become infected and die, they can cause tooth discoloration. If the discoloration is accompanied by severe pain, it’s time to call your emergency dentist in Jacksonville and have the infected pulp removed.

3. Pus Between the Teeth

If you see pus coming out from between the teeth and the spaces in the gums, don’t delay seeking treatment. You obviously have a serious infection that should be treated immediately.

4. Gum Tenderness and Swelling

If you experienced localized gum tenderness and swelling around a particular tooth, the chances are high that you have a pulp infection. A Jacksonville emergency dentist can examine the area to determine whether or not you need a root canal.

Importance of Seeking Treatment

If you don’t seek treatment for an infected root canal, you could experience more than just debilitating pain. Over time, the infection inside the tooth can spread to the jaw and cause loss of bone there. Additionally, bacteria from the infected tooth can enter your bloodstream and cause illness. When seeking treatment, it’s important to trust only an experienced dentist to perform your root canal procedure. An inexperienced dentist might miss some of the infected tissue.

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