Why We Are Different

All Dental Practices Are Not The Same!

Did you know that all dental practices are not the same? In fact, there are striking differences in technology, equipment, techniques, quality of dental materials and dental labs used, experience and training, support staff, cleanliness...the list goes on and on.

Well, interestingly enough, we find that MOST dental offices say that they are "state-of-the-art" when, in fact, this is far from true.

Less than 1% of all dentists in the U.S.A. have all of the services we offer under one roof!

Also, Dr. Carlson does not believe in sending your lab work overseas (to places like China). He has been working with the same local dental lab right here in Jacksonville for over 20 years.

The Most Advanced Technology

Carlson Dental Group is one of the most advanced dental practices in the U.S.A. We are on the cutting edge of modern dentistry and we offer the most advanced technology and the latest techniques available today. Why does this matter to you? It matters because all dental practices are not created equal. By utilizing the latest technology and techniques, we can make your visits shorter and more comfortable, and we can make your results more predictable, long-lasting, and naturally beautiful. And Dr. Carlson personally tests each new product and piece of equipment before it is ever used on a patient.

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